Македонија е земја на љубезни луѓе што ги пречекуваат гостите насмеани и ги испраќаат задоволни.
Бул. ВМРО бр. 1, Скопје, Македонија
+389 2 32 32 821
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Main Goal

Macedonia is a country of kind people that welcome their guests with a smile and send them home satisfied.

We exist to raise the hospitality standards in the Republic of Macedonia. We founded the Training Center in Skopje to prove that in the hospitality industry one can always do more and better. In cooperation with one of the best world education institutions in the field of hospitality, * we will work hard and thoroughly in order to raise the level of conduct towards our guests. As a result, we hope to see smiling, cheerful, competent, positive and properly rewarded employees in the industry of hotels, restaurants and facilities where a top-notch hospitality is a feature of services.

After all, the hospitality industry is based on only one principle – a satisfied guest.

About us.

A company that provides an easy access to knowledge and procedures in hospitality with a certified quality.


To become a regional leader for trainings and services for quality assurance in hospitality from an institution with an international reputation.

Hospitality trainings

Regular trainings and trainings for certain target groups which are conducted in accordance with a certified program, in certified premises by certified master trainers.

Hospitality facilities evaluation

Preparation of an evaluation of the condition of individual hospitality facilities in accordance with quality standards and procedures determined in the Swiss and Macedonian legislation.

Consultancy services in the sphere of hospitality

Consultancy services in the sphere of hospitality, general consultations for opening a hospitality facility, consultations on a proper categorisation, consultations for strategic services in the area of human resources management in hospitality.