Македонија е земја на љубезни луѓе што ги пречекуваат гостите насмеани и ги испраќаат задоволни.
Бул. ВМРО бр. 1, Скопје, Македонија
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Successful candidates will receive international certificate!

About us.

Mission, vision and services

We exist to raise the hospitality standards in the Republic of Macedonia. We founded the Training Center in Skopje to prove that in the hospitality industry one can always do more and better.

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Types of trainings.

3 types of trainings

Trainings for professional trainers who would like to enrich their career with hospitality topics, trainings for professionals who would like to work in the sector and trainings for people in leading positions in hospitality who would like to improve the quality of their business.

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Trainings calendar.

The basic human resource through which the Training Center will conduct its trainings is the certified master trainer. Currently, the Training Center has 16 master trainers, certified by SHL in 3 topics. The number of master trainers, as well as the topics they could teach, will be expanded in accordance with the market needs.

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Certified master trainers

In cooperation with the Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne (Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern (SHL)). All trainings, designs, quality procedures, examinations and teaching plans and programs are certified by this international institution. The quality of the trainings offered by the Training Center is guaranteed with the involvement of this international institution in all its procedures and activities, as well as with the mandatory process of recertification of the Training Center on an annual level.

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Training for certified master trainers

Training period: 12 weeks

Trainings that will continuously increase the fund of the center’s basic resources – master trainers with a unique training knowledge and techniques conveyed by trainers with an internationally acknowledged reputation

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Trainings in hotel-restaurant activities

Two-week, three-day or one-day trainings

Topics with already certified master trainers:
-Revenue management
-Customer relations and communication

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Target groups/Users

Each individual involved in hospitality is aware of the importance of a good quality service. It is the high level of quality that distinguishes the successful businesses from the other businesses. That is the reason why being part of trainings aimed at improvement of the quality level in hospitality is the fundamental motive of the professionals in this sector. A satisfied guest is the basis for a successful hospitality business

Current and future owners of hospitality facilities, managers, persons in managerial positions in hospitality facilities

Be a leader in hospitality. Improve the service quality level in your business and achieve the desired success. Create a brand known for its quality.

Potential master trainers

Distinguish yourself from the other trainers on the market as the only one with a certificate from an institution with an internationally acknowledged reputation. Keep up to date with the most recent trends in hospitality and the newest training techniques and methodologies.

Interested in obtaining a certificate in a certain hospitality profession

Be a step ahead of the other professionals. Gain unique, practical skills that will place you on the top of the hospitality labour market. Invest in your future!


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