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Certified master trainers

The basic human resource through which the Training Center will conduct its trainings is the certified master trainer. Currently, the Training Center has 16 master trainers, certified by SHL in 3 topics. The number of master trainers, as well as the topics they could teach, will be expanded in accordance with the market needs.
A certified master trainer is a person who:

– is legally of age
– meets the education criteria (depending on the need for the topic for which they are certified)
– meets professional experience criteria (depending on the need for the topic for which they are certified)
– has successfully completed a training for a master trainer in the Training Center (theory, practical part and exam)
– has formally received a master trainer certificate jointly issued by the Training Center and the Swiss Hotel Management Academy Lucerne (Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern (SHL)
– each year passes a certificate confirmation procedure.

Topics with already certified master trainers:

– revenue management
– customer relations and communication
– sales.

Topics for new master trainers (planned trainings for certification for 2017-2018):

– Reception, premises maintenance and hygiene
– Serving and bartenders
– Food and beverages