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Hotel-restaurant operations trainings

Three-week trainings

These trainings are intended for people who are not employed or beginners, and they want to acquire basic knowledge in the field. With 70 hours of theoretical training in ten working days, at least 30 hours of practice in the Center or in real working conditions at the workplace are added. Successful participants acquire an international SHL certificate for successfully completed training in a particular activity.

The trainings start on May 15, 2018, and will be held for a period of three weeks (three days a week, ie a total of nine days). Depending on the number of applicants, for each training it is possible to arrange an appropriate term acceptable for the participants and for the trainer.

Price: 18 450 denars without VAT
The price includes: snack, coffee and drinks
Deadline for applying: 13.5.2018
Phone: +389 2 3 110 227
E-mail: info@htca.mk.

Types of trainings:

Front office is the heart of the hotel.

This training is intended for all those who want to work in this department and who want to gain knowledge about successful organization and skillful management of it.
During the training, the participants will have interactive and practical work in the area of ​​reception work.
The participants will learn the methods of working according to the principles and standards of the Swiss Academy of Hotel Management in Lucerne in the area of ​​services, methods and communications in the reception work.
They will also learn how to apply qualitative and quantitative learning methods and their significance for implementation in practice.
Since it is a beginner course, the participants will gain knowledge of the following:

-Technics and structure of the work at reception
-Offer to the concierge
-Documentation in reception work
– The procedure for lost / found, practical work with checklists
-Methods for sale
– Revenue and yield management
-Communication with customers.

Sales and distribution is a business discipline that focuses on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of the sales operations of the firm.
During this training, participants will learn to prepare a marketing plan for the hotel and understand its proper application, and will also learn the methods for improving the overall marketing strategy.
They will also calculate the costs of marketing and advertising on social media channels, they will be able to distinguish online and offline distribution channels.
Furthermore, you will gain basic knowledge about distribution channels, their business models and their costs.
Through practical exercises they will learn to make market segmentation and adapt to specific market needs and how to apply the skills needed to attract more customers.
Theoretical lectures are based on best practices relevant to the needs of the hotel industry, which will help participants understand business through effective and efficient sales and negotiation techniques. The training will focus on the following:

-Marketing plan in the hotel and its implementation / execution
-Marketing on social networks and its calculation
-Distribution in the hotel – perspective of the client and the hotel
– Working with external distributors / online travel agencies
– Sales and negotiation skills
– Self assessment and distribution lists for distribution.

The training for maintenance of premises and hygiene – housekeeping will enable practical application of the techniques, methods and professional knowledge of the employees in the household department. The participants will understand hygiene processes according to the high standards of the Swiss Academy.
The training is intended for all those who want to work or already work in the hospitality in the housekeeping department and want to acquire knowledge according to Swiss standards.
During this training, the participants will have lectures, interactive and practical work in the part of the housekeeping, and at the end of the training they will gain an excellent knowledge of the duties and responsibilities in the housekeeping, which reflect the high standards of work and top service for the clients.
In order to participate in this training, previous knowledge in the field of hospitality is not required since it is an initial course on which the following contents will be covered:

-The Role of the Household Department at the hotel
-Professional communication with customers and handling complaints
-Procedures and principles in cleaning and maintaining the premises
– Personal hygiene and hygiene in the surroundings
– Proper use of equipment, tools and chemicals
-Linen and other household services
-Problem for technical problems

– Maintaining a safe and secure environment for work.

On this training, participants will learn the techniques and methods of serving to become professional waiters. They will learn to apply the Swiss standards in preparing for service, serving guests and the technique of serving wine.
Through practical work they will learn the importance of communication, teamwork and interpersonal relationships in hospitality. They will learn to appreciate quality and will find out why it is important to implement these rules.
The training is for those who do not have experience and want to build a 5 * career in a restaurant.
The working environment will provide the participants with the opportunity to practice on-the-spot, using equipment for serving in a restaurant, whereby they will develop work skills.
Also, the participants will gain knowledge about the wine culture, the wine regions, the grape varieties, the wine production and the service of the wine. The training covers the following contents:

-Methods and service processes
-Setting tables according to Swiss standards
– Rules of service according to Swiss standards
-Communication with customers – handling complaints
-The wine of wine as an effective way of communicating with guests when choosing wine
-Sales and recommendation
-Team work and interpersonal relationships
-Preparation and serving of beverages.

Application is open now!

Three-day training

Designed for employed professionals. They acquire extended knowledge or best practice in a particular field of activity. Training includes solving practical situations and checking knowledge.

Price: 12 300 denars excluding VAT
The price includes: snack, coffee and drinks

One-day training

Designed for employees who work only on targeted parts of the business, for example, service techniques, communication with guests, sales techniques.

Price: 9 225 denars excluding VAT
The price includes: snack, coffee and drinks

Tailor made trainings

These trainings are structured according to the needs of the interested clients and are performed in accordance with the required training. Once certified, it is necessary for the trainer to submit a curriculum and a program approved by the Training Center, according to previously established standards with the SHL, and which must include:

– the need for a training
– target audience
– the knowledge acquired by the entire group
– the structure and duration of the training
– the structure of the lesson that is to be delivered
– the theoretical part
– the practical part
– group work on a given problem
– discussion of the offered solutions
– testing the knowledge.

Topics with already certified master trainers:

– Revenue and yield management
– Customer relations and communication
– Sales and distribution
– Reception, maintenance of premises and cleaning activities
– Waiters and bartenders