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Training for Certified Master Trainers

Training period: 12 weeks
2 weeks of theory classes in a group

– 1 week of lectures delivered by trainers from SHL
– 1 week of lectures delivered by master trainers from Macedonia

9 weeks of individual work

– drafting a training manual
– delivering a practical training by the candidate in front of an audience of his/her choice
– consultations via Skype with the lecturers from SHL during the performance of the assigned tasks
– case study

1 week of summarizing the entire period of the previous 11 weeks with trainers from SHL
Completing an exam conducted by representatives from SHL and the Training Centre
The advantages that you gain by acquiring a Certificate for a Certified Master Trainer:

– a certificate awarded by an internationally renowned school
– knowledge conveyed by one of the best hotel management schools worldwide
– getting to know the latest training and improvement techniques and processes in accordance with Swiss standards
– an opportunity to train personnel in the hospitality sector
– each year, a one-day training will be provided for upgrading the knowledge in order to keep up with the latest trends in the sector-related techniques and processes